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Clapping games


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Historically, we know that clapping games were used by children around the turning of the century 1800-1900. But it's safe to say that children probably have played clapping games for centuries, if not for thousands of years. Several of those clapping games we know have traveled across borders, and are a mixture of languages and words. Some have long since lost their real meaning. You can clap alone, two by two or in a circle.

Two children facing towards each other may clap this pattern:
  • clap your own hands once
  • clap with your right hand against the other person's right hand
  • clap your own hands once
  • clap with your left hand against the other person's left hand
  • clap your own hands once
  • clap the other person's hands once (both hands)
  • clap your own hands once
  • Clap your own knees/lap once

By clapping, we train rhythm, memory and concentration. Ben-Gurion University (BGU) has studied the effects of clapping games. The study found that clapping games stimulate and better motor skills and cognitive abilities(Science Daily). Besides, your hands are always - at hand - so to speak - and if you are bored, you can generate a lot of fun by involving in a clapping game with others!

Behind the links below, you find lyrics, sheet music and sound clips. This site is made for learning purposes, and the sound clips may vary in quality. On my site musikkrom you will find some of these children's songs, and also a large collection of canons and rounds (kanon)


Andersine, Anders and
Ane Liane
Anne Marlene
Anne Ranne rei
Eisika deisika
En sommertur til bom bom bom/ En sjømann dro til ABC/ A seaman went to sea, sea, sea
Jeg vil ha en millionær
Klapp, klapp (Clap your hands)
Min far han er barber
Min far han er en fisker
Ola i Gudbrandsdalen
Tre, seks, ni
Var du med den gang
Å panni
Å minni mai


Andersine, Anders and

Ån, dån, den

Var du med den gang, da de døve sang


Double double
Green Sally up
I went to a Chinese restaurant
Miss Mary Mack
Miss Suzie
Miss Sue
Pat a cake
Pease porridge hot
Pretty little Dutch girl
Stella ella ola
Three, six, nine
Under the bram bush


Andersine, klappelek fra Danmark

Var du med dengang, clapping game from Denmark

Instruction from Sweden


Other countries

Great Britain


From Liberia

From Denmark