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Singing with babies and toddlers

On this page you will find children's songs, lullabies and nursery rhymes for babies and toddlers. I'm presenting a way to gather a group of babies together, playing. The activities must be adjusted according to the babies' ages.

Moms and dads voices are the best and finest there is for baby. To experience singing, music and movement in bonding between parent and child, is priceless. No matter what kind of voice you have, whether you are used to singing or not, what you create in the moment when singing to and with your child is helping it develop and thrive. And it can be fun for adults too!

To play and sing in a small group is nice. Maybe you can drum up a small group to meet regularly. You can always add a small meal at the end.

Babies like habits. Set a habit by starting and ending with a signature song.and have familiar elements throughout the sessions. You can't do all of it, but you can choose from the same categories of activities every time you meet.


We may use:

Songs and activities must be age appropriate.


  • Blanket to lie on.
  • Cd-player
  • See through chiffon material that can be held above baby (see photo)
  • Balloons
  • soap bubbles
  • Stuffed toys or plastic animals - animals in the song
  • instruments
  • Hand and finger dolls
  • singing cards
  • symbol box filled with singing cards to choose from
  • Other stuff

Nursery rhymes

Children's songs


Dancing and singing games

Fairy tale songs

Counting out games

Greeting and goodbye songs