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This is a digital songbook containing children's songs from Norway. The main pages are in Norwegian. However, I'm at present working out Mirror Pages in English (with translations). Each song is presented with lyrics, musical scores and sound clips. Please note that all recordings are of considerably poorer quality than professional recordings, as this is a strictly "home-made" product, made primarily for learning purposes. On some pages you'll also find videos, mostly collected from You tube. Adding songs and translating them into English is an ongoing process.

The purpose of this site is to share knowledge about children's songs in Norway. Most of the material in these pages belong to the Public Domain, unless stated by naming author/composer/year. According to the Norwegian law on copyright, åndsverksloven, the composer/author must have been dead for the minimum of 70 years, to become part of the Public Domain. Otherwise, only citation or license rights may be observed.

I apologize for any mistakes in notation and/or spelling. Several songs are transcribed from oral presentations, and there may exist other/similar versions, as with most folk songs. As for the translations, the idea is to get the main meaning and gist of the song. I won't present pure poetic translations, nor completely literal ones.

I am using my own voice in the recordings, and the audio-clips vary in quality. They are meant for learning purposes only.

A Norwegian songbook of Rounds and canons has now been published by Norsk Musikforlag:
Rundsanger og kanon
228 sanger i melodi og tekst
M.M.O. 13350
ISMN 979-0-065-13528-1

There is also a channel on Youtube for Rundsanger og kanon and a channel for New Norwegian Children's songs.

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I hope you will enjoy my site!

~ Siri ~

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Norwegian songs for children

Alphabetical index - all songs
Bildet: Hans Thoma (1839 – 1924)

Bake kake søte - three versions:

No 1

No 2

No 3
Bake kake søte

Sulla meg litt

Sjysje roe barnegull

Såri, såri liten tull

Ro, ro til Fiskeskjær

Baad'n laat

Barn = bairn = children
Sang = song

A digital songbook of 200 rounds and canons
may be found at musikkrom.
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