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Lyrics and melody: S.R : Welcome dear listener (Sung by Siri)
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Lyrics and melody: S.R. Hi, hello and how are you? (Sung by Siri and Bjørnar)


Dear Guest,

I have collected songs for children since I went to teacher's training college, or University College, as we name it today. These songs have now found a place in this project: Barnesanger - Children's songs. I have a master degree in special pedagogy and remedial teaching from the University of Oslo, and another one in pedagogical/educational texts. I also majored in English and music.

But more important: I grew up in a time when children played singing and dancing games, and we threw a small ball on any available wall while chanting rhymes. We even did this in the school yard. We also did a lot of rope skipping to chants and Chinese jump rope games with elastic bands. We also played hopscotch. You might have done the same, and remember some of the rhymes and chants from childhood?

The fact is that a lot of traditional children's songs are in danger of being forgotten, because we nowadays seem to lack traditions or natural arenas for handing them over to newer generations. Today we don't see many such games in the school yard, nor in the streets. And what about clapping games? I remember how much fun we could have, just clapping and chanting. Maybe we can rekindle interest in such games? Several of these activities are good for balance, coordination and rhythm, all of which may be useful in our day and age after spending hours in front of multiple types of screens!

This digital collection is primarily intended to be a musical learning resource in school, for teachers, students or others who share the interest in children's songs in Norwegian.The diversity of the songs means that they may be suitable for use in preeschool, primary school or in groups singing to and with babies. As a reader you might be a student, a teacher or a choir leader who's looking for a quick reminder of old material or you may be looking for new songs. Or you may just enjoy singing with your children, want to learn some Norwegian songs, or you may want some stuff for choir practice or a course in children's literature? No matter why or how you came about to be on these pages, I hope you find things you can use and/or enjoy!

You'll find sheet music, melodies and lyrics to most of the songs behind the links on these pages. I have primarily chosen music that belong to the public domain, where either there is no known author or composer, or the autor and/or composer has been dead for 70 years or more ( Lov om opphavsrett til åndsverk. ). Any newer material is given only as citation of one verse (åndsverksloven §§ 22 and 23).

If I'm made aware of any discrepancies concerning copyright, things will be removed. In those cases where composer and author is known, I state their names. This is done also for the few of the songs which are copyrighted still, but where I have obtained permission of use. One example is Rounds ("En kanon, en sirkel" in my translation) by John Forster og Tom Chapin 1988. Another is Geitekillingens regle by Lena Wallgren Wagner Malinovsky, 2006.

The reason for establishing these pages stem from an interest in sharing songs and wanting people to sing and wishing to pass these wonderful songs to the next generations! Also, I experienced a need for such a page when I was a teacher myself, but of course this was way before the digital age! Last, if not least, there are so many fun songs from other countries that we may borrow and use in our own language. I have borrowed some myself and translated them, for instance Ah, les crocodiles - Alle krokodiller - from France, og Ho, ho watanay from Canada.

Most of the songs are in Norwegian, but there are also some chants and counting out games and songs in English and a few in other languages. In some instances I have collected videos from Youtube and attached them. Some show the songs in Norwegian Sign Language.

I have made translations from Norwegian to English for some of the best known Norwegian children's songs. Several beautiful songs from other countries deserve to be sung in Norwegian also. I have done several translations, but as a rule I have left the original lyrics on the page too. I haven't aimed for a literal translation - because songs must be "singable" in any language. I've tried to keep true to the theme, gist and feeling of the songs.

When you have such a large material as this, it's impossible not to make mistakes, in notation or in spelling. When I notice mistakes, I will exchange the songs with new editions. I have transcribed several songs "by ear", so to speak. You might find the same songs with a slightly different notation in other sources. I have also presented some of the songs with simple guitar chords. You may want to use your own; mine are just a suggestion.

As one can see from songs that have traveled across lands and time, they often change a little, both in melody and in lyrics. People sing songs in their own personal manner. I have shown different versions where I have discovered them. These might be for instance German and English, Danish and Swedish, or Dutch versions. Several of these songs are surprisingly similar, though, at least when it comes to theme, content and melodic elements and structures.

Most of the sound clips are my own. They are meant for learning, showing how they may be sung by "ordinary people". As a general rule, only one verse of each song is sung. I have used my own voice, because it's available at most times, and I don't have to pay to use it!

The recordings appear as they are in the moment of singing, quite often without accompaniment, other than my own breathing noises, breaks in the wrong places, clicks and white noise. Sometimes I sing the wrong words and present the listener with doubtful intonation and a sloppy pronunciation. Sometimes I lack pulse and mess up the rhythm. (I may even giggle.) In spite of these apparent lacks in quality compared to professional recordings by professional singers, I hope you can use them as they are; a means of accessing old or new songs in a fairly easy way.

I hope these pages can give enough information - so that you may learn them and pass them on, or find them in properly printed song books and professional recordings.

I have also composed a few songs of my own; My songs. I have established a youtube cannel of these New Norwegian Children's songs that can be found here:

All the material on these pages may be downloaded and used freely allbeit privately or in teaching activities. You may borrow songs and use them in a non-commercial way, but if you use them, please state the source you got the material from, according to laws of copyright (åndsverksloven). (You may also contact me).

Contact information:
You can post me through the wiki-system, or mail me at: siriran [curl-alpha placed here] online dot no. (Written like this to avoid spam).

I hope you find these pages from useful!

Best regards,

Siri Randem


My songbook of canons and rounds in Norwegian has presently been published by Norsk Musikforlag:
Rundsanger og kanon
228 sanger i melodi og tekst
M.M.O. 13350
ISMN 979-0-065-13528-1
Nkr 298,-
It may be orered here: Email:

I have not opend these pages for others to edit, because I don't have time to oversee changes. If you want to make your own wiki, you can look up:

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