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Bamse bamse ta i bakken


Jump rope rhymes or skipping rope rhymes are a kind of chants that we sing while we jump. We know from history that jump rope chants were popular by the early 1900s.

Jumping rope will help train balance, body motor movements and rhythm, and is a great cardio-vascular work-out! Besides, it's great fun! It is a kind of multi-tasking - all the while children learn to recognize patterns and learn terms connected to space and movement; forwards, backwards, sideways, over and under, and more.

We can jump alone, or together in a larger rope. We can skip on one leg, both, we can swirl, touch the ground and change partners - and lots more.

Behind the links you find lyrics, sheet music and sound clips. This site is made for learning purposes, and the sound clips may vary in quality. On my site musikkrom you will find some of these children's songs, and also a large collection of canons and rounds (kanon)


Alle inn
Bamse bamse ta i bakken
Bamse bamse hopp hopp hopp
Bringebær, jordbær
Ellinga mellinga Vatlandsguten
En gris, slapp en fis
Finbeck og Fia
Fru Klakk
Katten spiller på lire
Onkel Skrue
Ola i bakken
Petter Dass


All in together
Apples, peaches, pears and plums
Baby in the high chair
Big Ben
Bubble gum
Down by the river
First grade
I am a girl guide
Icecream soda
Miss Mary Mack
Miss Suzie had a steamboat
M for Monday
My boyfriend's name
One two touch my shoe
Red hot pepper
Teddy bear
Three wee monkeys
Two little funny birds (lær alle månedene på engelsk)


Ice cream soda, cherry on top
how many boyfriends have you got
1 2 3 .....20...
then you count till you mess up

Colonial Games

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